Sen. Jordan fights for property tax relief

MARCH 31, 2018

State Sen. Jen Jordan has authored legislation to save homeowners money on their property taxes.

Sen. Jordan’s bills, SB 485 and SB 486, would exempt residents from paying taxes to the school district on $50,000 of their property value. The current exemption is $15,000. SB 486, which would exempt residents over the age of 65 from paying the tax on $100,000 of their property value, did not pass. There currently is not a senior exemption for APS taxes.

Jordan has estimated the general bill to cost APS up to $10 million per year. The senior bill would have cost the school district around $24 million, she said.

The approved APS budget for 2017-2018 school year was $777 million.

She said she aimed for “the highest exemption possible without starving schools.” — Reporter Newspapers

Jennifer Jordan