Jen Jordan is ready to #Flipthe6th

Jen finished first place on Nov. 7, 

the first time she ever put her name on the ballot.

Join Jen now. #WinWithJen December 5

Jen is No. 1 with 6th District Voters.

And Jen is No. 1 with these endorsers:


Daily Kos

Georgia Equality

Georgia’s WIN List

NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC

Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates

Red Clay Democrats

Sierra Club

Stonewall Democrats

Teamsters Local 728


U.S. Sen. Max Cleland (Ret.)

Georgia House Minority Leader Bob Trammell (D-Luthersville)

Rep. David Dreyer (D-Atlanta)

Rep. Scott Holcomb (D-Atlanta)

Rep. Sheila Jones (D-Atlanta)

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D-Atlanta)

Rep. Erica Thomas (D-Austell)

Ambassador David Adelman

Former State Senator Jason Carter

Former Congressman Buddy Darden

Former State Rep. Ronnie Mabra

Former State Rep. Taylor Bennett

Former Congressman John Barrow

Former U.S. Attorney Ed Tarver

Former State Rep. Rob Teilhet

Former State Rep. Stephanie Stuckey

Jon Ossoff

Tracee Benzo, Past-President of GABWA

Jan Prisby Bryson, President BenchMark Management, LLC

Jen is No. 1 because she puts your issues first.

Healthcare/Women’s Rights

Raised by a single mom, Jen understands the sacrifices women make. She will always stand up for equal pay for equal work and is the only candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Emily's List, NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC and Georgia's WIN List. Jen supports a woman’s right to choose, guaranteed access to birth control, and keeping health clinics open. When Jen was growing up, her mother lacked health insurance and wasn’t able to detect her uterine cancer until it reached Stage 4.  Jen understands families need access to affordable health care, and she will fight any effort to cut healthcare benefits or increase costs.


Jen will fight back against discrimination and stand up to politicians who want to pass laws discriminating against gays, lesbians, and other vulnerable populations. Jen is the only candidate endorsed by Georgia Equality and the Georgia chapter of Stonewall Democrats. She knows that when extremists promote legislation, like the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (RFRA), it’s demeaning to individual Georgians and hurts all of us by making it less likely that job-creating businesses will move to Georgia.  

Raising the Minimum Wage

Jen believes that those who are willing to work full time should not have to depend on the government just to get by. That’s why she’ll fight to raise the state minimum wage to at least$10.10 an hour and to restore local control by giving cities like Atlanta the right to raise the minimum even higher if voters agree. Jen put herself through college working minimum wage jobs, so she knows how hard it is for families to survive on so little. She knows that by raising the minimum wage to at least $10.10 an hour, we’ll nearly double Georgia’s current minimum and begin to clear a pathway to the middle class for a million Georgians, including 1-in-4 women, whose paychecks will increase.


Growing up with a single mom who struggled to make ends meet, Jen’s public school teachers were like family.  Thanks to her teachers believing in her and encouraging her, Jen made good grades and worked minimum wage jobs to put herself through college. Now, in the State Senate, Jen will fight to fully fund our public schools, create universal pre-K so that every child can attend their neighborhood school and expand deductions for 529 college savings accounts to make college more affordable for families.


When companies like Amazon consider where they will locate, transportation for employees and products is a key consideration. To be competitive, as metro-Atlanta’s population continues to grow, Jen knows that we must develop a statewide transportation policy that links Atlanta with Georgia’s other population centers.  Creative, forward-thinking solutions like considering whether existing commercial rail lines could also be used for commuter/passenger lines. For example, CSX commercial lines run through Smyrna. As the State re-negotiates rail leases, the flexibility to use the tracks for passenger rail should be a consideration. This would reduce the initial expense while providing a first and necessary step toward a more comprehensive mass transportation plan that opens the opportunities of the Metro-Atlanta area to more Georgians.


Jen is the only candidate endorsed by the Georgia chapter of the Sierra Club. As a strong advocate for the environment, Jen believes  global warming and climate change are real and measureable. She will work hard to enact legislation and pursue public policies that curb emissions, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and protect the natural resources that are necessary for the future health of our people, state and planet.

Gun Violence Prevention

Jen supports universal background checks for all firearm purchases in the state of Georgia. Background checks reduce gun violence and save lives and are favored by 90% of gun owners. Jen opposes the “Campus Carry” law and will work to repeal it so that students, professors and visitors can again  feel safe on college campuses.

Election Day • December 5


Join Jen now. #WinWithJen December 5

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